Sara K. - Closer Than They Appear

Sara K. - Closer Than They Appear
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Product Description

Closer Than They Appear, is the synthesis of folk, blues, and jazz. Sara K. has added more fuel to the controversy: Is there a common ground between folk and jazz? Sara K. (Paired with Chesky guitarist Bruce Dunlap who serves as her musical director) takes ready advantage of not only her labels' penchant for painstaking fidelity, but she also samples an arsenal of jazz tones and musical genre's.

Track Listings

  1. Miles Away
  2. Trust Somebody
  3. Hidden from View
  4. Make Believe
  5. What's a Little More Rain
  6. If You Close That Door
  7. Jasmine
  8. Wanna Spend More Time
  9. Tecolote Eyes
  10. Alejate
  11. Something Borrowed
  12. When I Didn't Care
  13. Steam Rises
  14. Like a Rolling Stone