Marta Gomez - Cantos de Agua Dulce

Marta Gomez - Cantos de Agua Dulce
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Product Description

With her velvety voice and jazz infused arrangements, Marta Gomez takes South American indigenous folk music into a hip new realm. Marta not only traverses a whole range of rhythms based on South American folklore, she also writes melodies and refrains that translate across all languages. "With an exquisite voice, Marta manages to sound like a pure folk-traditionalist and jazzy pop adventurer at the same time." - The Boston Herald

Track Listings

  1. La Finca
  2. Eso Pido Yo
  3. Seis
  4. Cancion De Cuna
  5. Bolero
  6. La Flor
  7. Canta
  8. Receta
  9. El Pueblo
  10. Tonada De La Luna Llena
  11. El Hormigueo
  12. Confesion
  13. Dejalo Ir
  14. Aguellas Pequenas Cosas