Fred Hersch - The Fred Hersch Trio Plays

Fred Hersch - The Fred Hersch Trio Plays
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Product Description

An Acquired Taste ...on listening to pianist Fred Hersch First notes go anywhere, everywhere, then dawn imperceptibly from there to THERE. Sound stream plethora of vague reminiscences of known strains that tantalize and jog the song bank micelle. Nuances of a shared experience or a conversation of peers Key cognition of non-verbal communication and move giver and receiver in sync. No shout...bombast...pyrotechnics. Shards of Remember This? reticulate the muse maze, you understood. A nascent humanness sheltering love's beauty midst the world's cacophony of noise. A surreal realness embracing the unambiguous life force of Family and All God's chillun are one. Beauty is an acquired taste, love is its vehicle. -Oscar Treadwell

Track Listings

1. Milestones
2. Iris
3. Played Twice
4. Con Alma
5. Mood Indigo
6. Speak Like a Child
7. Evanessence
8. Think of One
9. Daydream
10. Forerunner
11. Moment's Notice
12. Doxy