Clark Terry - Live at the Village Gate

Clark Terry - Live at the Village Gate
Item# JD049

Product Description

Trumpeter/Flugelhorn Clark Terry is a jazz legend. Truly one of the few virtuoso/entertainers in jazz, Clark is a delight to both hear and watch. He glows with warmth, humor and a certain underlying mischievousness, never missing opportunities to surprise his audience with wild scat vocals, sing along, and even occasional one liners. Clark Terry was a natural choice for our first live jazz recording. All the great music and fun was faithfully reproduced for you.

Track Listings

  1. Top & Bottom
  2. Keep, Keep, Keep On Keepin' On
  3. Silly Samba
  4. Pint Of Bitters
  5. Sheba
  6. Brushes & Brass
  7. Simple Waltz
  8. Hey Mr. Mumbles