Chinese Music Ensemble of New York - Beloved Chinese Songs

Chinese Music Ensemble of New York - Beloved Chinese Songs
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Founded in 1961 by the Director Emeritus, Tsuan-Nien Chang, The Chinese Music Ensemble of New York has grown from a few music lovers to the oldest and largest Chinese orchestra in the United States. Its present director is Yu-Chiung Teng and its membership of over forty-five members consists of both amateur and professional musicians, who play practically every type of Chinese musical instrument. Recognized as the only full scale Chinese orchestra in the United States, the Ensemble maintains its standard of excellence through a program of musical exchanges with professional musicians in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. One of the main objectives of The Chinese Music Ensemble is to introduce the music of China to Western audiences. They have performed for audiences at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Town Hall, the Asia Society, the Newport Music Festival and Musikfest.

Track Listings

  1. Tea Picking and Butterfly Chasing
  2. The Shepherd Girl
  3. Studious Schoolboy
  4. Purple Bamboo
  5. Red Bean Song
  6. Love Song of Kang Ding
  7. It is Cold, Cold, Cold
  8. Flower Drum Song I
  9. Fishermen's Song
  10. The Wandering Songstress
  11. Farewell Song
  12. Wading in Snow Looking For Plum Blossoms
  13. In That Distant Place
  14. Flower Drum Song II
  15. Lament of Wang Zhao-Jun
  16. The Mountain is Forever Green