Blues & Grass

Blues & Grass
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Charlie Burnham- vocals, mandolin, fiddle Aubrey Dayle- drums Queen Esther- vocals Mark Peterson- bass James "Blood" Ulmer- vocals, guitar This collaborative effort between Queen Esther, Charlie Burnham, Mark Peterson, Aubrey Dayle and guitarist "James Blood" Ulmer reflects a singular, down-home vision of the Blues and backwoods roots music. Blues & Grass is less about jamming and instrumentalists and more about chant and incantation, about old-time spirituals and story-telling. "We want to take this music back to the church, where the blues was misunderstood-people thought it was a song of the devil, but it was the soul of a man for sure." - James "Blood" Ulmer

Track Listings

  1. My Favorite Thing
  2. You Lied
  3. Recess
  4. My Prayer
  5. Queen Esther's Blues
  6. Watermark
  7. I'm Goin'
  8. Where Do All The Girls Come From?
  9. A Miniature Of The Bass
  10. I Can't Take It
  11. Papa Don't Know
  12. Sunnyland